Get Your Custom Occlusal Guards Made in Denver, Colorado

Get digital scanned for your custom night guard at Metro Smiles. If you have a problem with bruxism, you need a mouth guard for teeth grinding and clenching.

Many people who struggle with teeth grinding could benefit from a custom occlusal guard offered by the Denver general dentistry practice of Dr. Robin Asbury of Metro Smiles, PC. She and her team offer occlusal guards which are designed to meet the needs of each patient.

What is an Occlusal Guard?

You may be wondering what is an occlusal guard. It is a plastic device which will cover your teeth to help protect them from grinding and clenching damage. When you visit Dr. Robin, she will explain more about what an occlusal guard is and how it can benefit you.

Why You Need a Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding

Do you grind your teeth? Damage from teeth grinding may cause: chipped enamel, flattened, grooved, worn-down teeth, loosened teeth, cracked teeth, periodontal gum problems, and damage to bridges, fillings and dental implants. Tooth grinding refers to rhythmically and repetitively rubbing your teeth together. If you don’t wear a mouth guard for teeth grinding, you will eventually cause your teeth to fail. Grinding can also affect your jaws and change the appearance of your teeth and face. To avoid this, ask Dr. Asbury to make you a mouth guard for teeth grinding.

Get a Custom Night Guard for Overnight Protection

Many people grind their teeth unconsciously during sleep, wearing a custom night guard is a good solution for this. A dull headache or sore jaw upon waking is a sign that you’ve been grinding your teeth. However, a custom night guard created just by Dr. Robin Asbury at Metro Smiles can make all the difference and be worn at any time you are most likely to grind your teeth.

Why is a Bruxism Guard Helpful?

Bruxism refers to constantly grinding, gnashing or clenching your teeth. Symptoms include flattened, chipped or loose teeth, pain or sensitivity, and signs of chewing the inside of your cheek. Without a bruxism guard, you may experience severe face and jaw pain, tension headaches, and damage to your teeth or crowns. If you want to avoid, permanent damage, get a bruxism guard. Consequences of grinding include a sore tired jaw, sensitive teeth, loose teeth, earaches, dull headaches, neck aches, and clicking sounds when you open your mouth.

Get an Occlusal Guard from the Top Doctor in Denver, Colorado

If you are experiencing difficulties because of teeth grinding or clenching, do not hesitate to see a dentist to seek a solution. Contact us today and schedule a visit to the best doctor for occlusal guards. We are based in Centennial and Denver, CO and offer services to Denver Highland, RiNO Art District, LODO, Denver Tech Center, Greenwood Village, Cherry Hills and all surrounding areas. If you want to get an occlusal guard from the best dentist, call our Centennial and Denver dental offices.


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