Juvederm® dermal fillers

Aging skin loses natural, hydrating substances, leading to facial lines and holds. Far more versatile than many patients expect, dermal fillers can accomplish a number of changes for your face.
  • Lip volume – Time can detract from the size of your lips. Gentle, natural-looking lip enhancement is possible with skilled administration of dermal fillers. Dr. Robin will lightly and effectively plump your lips for a final result that looks gorgeously you.
  • Laugh lines – Parentheses lines around the mouth can draw attention away from the rest of your face. Dermal fillers will fill out these lines and plump your cheeks.
  • Dark triangles – Gum recession, tooth shift, dental restorations, or orthodontic treatment can cause conspicuous black triangles between your teeth. Small injections of Juvederm will expand your gums to fill these spaces and perfect your smile.

Juvéderm Volbella XC. Before and After PhotosJuvéderm Vollure™. Before and After PhotosJuvéderm Voluma® XC. Cheek Area. Before and After PhotosJuvéderm Voluma® XC. Before and After Photos


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