Sealants and Seal 'n' Protect Dental Services in Centennial, CO and Denver, CO

Dental sealants help to protect molars and premolars which are at risk for decay or can cover sensitive areas of a tooth. We offer a safe, painless, effective treatment options for both.

Brushing and flossing prevent cavities but since you can’t reach every nook and cranny, dental sealants can make a big difference. These thin coatings protect the chewing surface of the molars and premolars from bacteria and acids which can cause tooth decay. Sealants can also be used as a dentinal hypersensitivity treatment. Our Seal 'n' Protect dental service is a safe, effective, varnish designed to protect exposed dentin areas, both mechanically and by way of an antimicrobial agent. You can expect a member of our team to prepare the tooth, seal it, and then evaluate the sealant. The Seal ‘n’ Protect dental service can be used for people of all ages who experience tooth sensitivity related to exposed dentin.

Why Dental Sealant for Kids’ Teeth or for Adults Helps

It is common for dentists to recommend a dental sealant for kids’ teeth, especially their new molars which may be at high risk of decay. The first molars develop around age six and the second molars usually push through around age 12. If these are sealed as soon as they appear, this can prevent cavities early on. The Centers for Disease Control says school-age children who don’t get sealants have almost three times more cavities than those who do. That being said, if you’re well past childhood, you may be able to get a tooth sealant for adults to help with sensitivity. When you book an appointment with Dr. Robin Asbury, she will discuss this with you along with any cosmetic dentistry procedures you may be interested in learning about to enhance your oral health or appearance of your smile.

What to Expect During a Dental Sealant Procedure

The dental sealant procedure is quick and painless. Your dentist or hygienist will clean your tooth and dry it, then coat it with a gel which roughens the surface. This allows the sealant to bond to your tooth. The gel stays on for a few seconds and then the dentist rinses it off and dries the tooth again. The sealant or varnish is then applied to the tooth and then cured with a light.

The Seal ‘n’ Protect dental service can be used for people of all ages who experience tooth sensitivity related to exposed dentin.

Get Dental Sealants in Denver, CO and Centennial, CO

When you visit Dr. Robin for tooth enamel erosion treatment, she will help you decide on the best course of treatment. Dr. Asbury has been a 5280 Top Dentist for 11 straight years so you’ll be in good hands. To learn more about traditional dental sealants or protective varnish for exposed dentin to treat hypersensitivity and reduce abrasion of roots, call our local Centennial and Denver dental offices at 303-768-8443. We serve Denver Highlands, West Highlands, Denver Tech Center, Sloan’s Lake, RiNO Art District, LODO, Centennial Park Meadows, and the surrounding Denver area. Schedule an appointment and let us help you protect your teeth!


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