Why Get Philips QuickPro Whitening

Why Get Philips QuickPro Whitening

Get Philips Zoom QuickPro Whitening, the best way to get a professional in-office teeth whitening. Watch your smile become two to four shades brighter in 30 minutes.

In just half an hour, your teeth can get two to four shades brighter by using Philips QuickPro Whitening. This professional teeth whitening procedure is perfect for people who want a quick, affordable solution. Many of our patients at Metro Smiles, PC find that Philips QuickPro Whitening is highly efficient. It causes little to no discomfort and since it is administered by the experienced team of Dr. Robin Asbury, you know the process is safe. Your smile will be noticeably brighter in no time. You’ll feel more confident and come across as much more approachable and friendly since you’ll be smiling a lot more. Ask for this service at your next cleaning at Metro Smiles!

How Philips QuickPro Whitening Works to Give You a Brighter Smile

When you and your dentist agree on Philips QuickPro Whitening, you’ll go through a simple, seamless procedure.

  1. Dr. Robin will prepare your mouth and gums for the whitening process.
  2. She will then apply a thin coating of whitening varnish to each tooth and it will dry almost immediately. The gel contains 20% hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Dr. Asbury will follow up a protective sealant which keeps the varnish from touching the soft tissues in your mouth. This means you’ll experience almost zero sensitivity.
  4. You head home or to the office! In 30 minutes, you can brush off the dried varnish and marvel at the results.

You’ll only spend ten minutes in the dental chair so Philips QuickPro Whitening is the perfect treatment when you have to attend a special event but you’re pressed for time.

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Why This Quick Treatment is the Teeth Whitening Method and Why In-Office Treatment is Best

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry procedures, Philips Zoom QuickPro Whitening is the best way to whiten teeth fast. It is extremely quick and safe. Since it takes just a few minutes to apply the treatment, it can be added on to your regular check-up. There’s no LED light involved so you can go almost as soon as the varnish is applied.

You may be wondering if you really need in-office laser treatment system when there are so many at-home options on the market. However, if you really want the best way to whiten teeth, you should opt for an in-office treatment. Not only are the effects better but your newly whitened teeth last longer, and you get the supervision and expert advice of a professional. Professional treatment is simply safer and more effective.

Finding Philips QuickPro Whitening Near Me

If you want to whiten your teeth in a safe way up to four shades in just 30 minutes, get in touch with Metro Smiles right now. You shouldn’t have to worry about finding Philips QuickPro Whitening near me in Denver. We have Centennial and Denver dental offices which serve Highlands, West Highlands, Denver Tech Center, Sloan’s Lake, RiNO Art District, LODO, Park Meadows, and the surrounding Denver area.

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