Adults are Suddenly Loving Braces – Here's Why

Adults are Suddenly Loving Braces – Here's Why

Man with confident smile due to Centennial adult bracesAdult orthodontic treatment is soaring. Grown men and women are taking their teeth into their own hands – and ending up with the straight smiles they’ve always wanted. The numbers are pretty impressive: in just 6 years, the number of Americans 18 and older getting orthodontic treatment grew by 58%. And while younger orthodontic patients also increased in number, they did so at a much more gradual 15%. At the end of that study, in 2010, adults made up 22% of all orthodontic patients. That number is likely even higher today.
Why are adults straightening now? We have a few ideas. Read on to see whether you might be getting on board with later-in-life orthodontic treatment.

 Why Now for Adult Braces?

We don’t blame adults for jumping at the chance to straighten their teeth. Our society has changed dramatically in the last 20 years, and the points below are all pro-adult straightening:

  • New treatment options – With the modern advances in orthodontics, adults don’t have to suffer through metal brackets and wires. There’s no need to cover up teeth at work, or feel like an adolescent again and take a big hit to self confidence. Instead, Invisalign patients get the benefits of treatment without the big demands. In the end, teeth are straighter, more attractive, and potentially healthier – and few will know about your treatment along the way.
  • Self-improvement focus – The internet has changed so much about our lives that it’s impossible to articulate. But the self-help, self-improvement arena has never been stronger. When there are countless resources available at our fingertips to help you shape your daily experience, we’re always trying new things. If you don’t like your teeth, straightening them will unlock happiness and also change the way others view you (for the better).
  • Increasing advances in technology – New technology not only makes alternative orthodontics more effective, but gives us more time to tackle treatment. The more streamlined our technology, the more time we have on our hands to take steps forward.

The participants mentioned in that study aren’t just diving into orthodontics blindly, and neither should you. Those who have received adult braces has reported significant, positive changes to multiple components of their lives. Specifically, 75% believed they saw improvements to their professional success and personal lives as a result of straighter teeth. And an incredible 92% reported that they would recommend adult braces to others.
Ever been curious about whether Invisalign is right for you? Schedule a consultation to learn more, commitment-free.

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