Everyday Snacks that are Ruining Your Teeth

Everyday Snacks that are Ruining Your Teeth

bad snacks for oral healthPotato chips may be highly snackable, but they’re not so great for your oral health
When it comes to snacking, what’s usually your go-to? While many sweet or starchy treats are both tasty and convenient, they’re not the best thing for your teeth (or your entire body). Help make your nightly oral hygiene simpler by giving your smile enamel-friendly bites during the day. Between staining enamel, causing bad breath, and hastening plaque buildup, plenty of common snacks are bad news for oral health. Learn which ones to watch out for below, and let us know if you’re looking for healthy alternatives.

 Avoid These Snacks for Happier, Healthier Teeth

  • Dark liquids like coffee, cola, and red wine – These concentrated, dark liquids stain the enamel, seeping into its pores over time. While some of this discoloration can be removed with whitening, some may remain, especially if you have a longstanding habit. Coffee and cola are especially bad for teeth because they’re so acidic – rinse with water after drinking either.
  • Pungent foods – Raw onions or raw garlic have undeniable scents that can stay with your breath all day, putting off your coworkers and making you feel uncomfortable.
  • Seeded breads or fruits – Seeds can become easily stuck between your teeth, and remain in place for longer than you expect (unless you’re on top of your flossing). Seeds from strawberries, or sesame or poppy buns, can be big problems.
  • Red meat – Red meat not only might not be so great for your body, but also sticks between your teeth. You’re stuck trying to subtly wrestle out bits of your lunch all day, and the sugary BBQ sauce that accompanies many meats is a surefire cavity-causer.
  • Potato chips – The high starch content of potato chips leads to the formation of acids in the mouth, and eventual erosion. Chips also tend to stick to your teeth, worsening your breath and increasing likelihood of plaque buildup.
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