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“I am one of the “before and after” pics – and it is already hard to remember what my “old” smile felt like. If you have made the decision to do veneers, and you want them done by a perfectionist – a true artist – someone who really cares about you and is personally invested in your results ….then the obvious choice is Dr. Robin. I cannot tell you any details about the procedure, but if you have any questions about her professionalism, her staff, the attention I received, the way I felt after each appt., and why I would not consider going to another dentist, please ask for my phone number. I would LOVE to tell you about how I feel when I meet someone and they tell me I have a beautiful smile!”

Roxanne, received Veneers & Crowns

I was very suspicious of veneers before I met Dr. Robin because I had seen so many done poorly. Fortunately, my teeth were so bad that I felt it was worth the risk. Very few things we do in our lives exceed our expectations. In this case I could not be more pleased. In fact, before my veneers I do not have any photos where I was smiling. Today, I am excited about my teeth. Finally, Dr. Robin made the process very comfortable, and I would recommend her work to any of our friends.

Frank, received Veneers

Dr. Robin has built a professional and comfortable practice staffed with the best in the industry. Superior attention to patient needs and a friendly atmosphere takes Metro Smiles above and beyond the average dental practice, with accommodating evening hours available she sets the standard for customer service in the industry. I would recommend her to anyone for all of their dental needs.

Ramsey, received Teeth Whitening & Bridge

Dr. Robin thank you so much for my new smile. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your high standards and commitment to excellence. Awesome. The finished product is a testament to your skills and patient advocacy. After living for more than thirty years with a cumbersome bridge, I had no idea my “new teeth” would make such a difference in comfort and aesthetics. They are beautiful. And, easy to care for…it feels good to floss and brush as though they were my original teeth. What a gift!

Karen, received Dental Implants & Crowns

My front teeth were chipped, worn and slightly crooked. It wasn’t something I couldn’t live with, yet I was very self-conscious about my smile. Dr. Robin corrected my teeth and gave me a whiter smile in a virtually painless procedure. My teeth look so natural that no one would notice, except that I smile more easily and more often. Thanks Dr. Robin!

Jeanne, received Cosmetic Dentistry

I felt the experience to be one of my best dental experiences. The entire staff was friendly and caring. They made sure I was comfortable and felt good about being there. I would absolutely refer anyone looking for a dentist.


Everyone – Laura, Ashley, Dr. Robin – all fantastic. After going to the same dental practice for approximately 8 years, I was a little nervous about changing. No more worry! From the conversations with Laura pre-appointment, over the phone, to the time I left, I was very happy. Hope you all have a great holiday! See you in January.


Amazing, VERY professional & friendly! I have a very relaxing, enjoyable visit @ every appointment. Too bad My appointments are only every 6 months 😉


You make going to the dentist so enjoyable!


You guys were awesome… I am so thankful I found your clinic. Thank you…


I absolutely love the entire staff. I am always greeted with enthusiasm as soon as I walk in (thanks Laura) and everyone is cheery and professional. I thank each of you for recalling our prior discussions and asking about my family and interests. Best office ever!


Best visit at a dentist office ever. Everyone very welcoming and u could tell they were truly there to help you as well as very patient and willing to work with my fear of being in a dental office with compassion.



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