Is Teeth Whitening Safe? And Other Common Bleaching Questions

Is Teeth Whitening Safe? And Other Common Bleaching Questions

Centennial teeth whiteningWorried about whitening? We understand your concerns – bleaching your teeth can seem a little stressful before you get started. But once you’ve learned more about the risks and precautions involved, you’ll be ready for a stress-free brighter smile. Just find your question below, or get in touch to speak with a member of our team.

Is teeth whitening safe?

There are ways to whiten safely, and ways you could damage your smile. A few good points to remember before getting started –

  • Begin with a dental consultation – Even if you’re going to whiten at home, it’s a smart choice to meet with a cosmetic dentist before purchasing an over-the-counter whitening kit. Depending on the type of stains you’ve experienced, you might not see good results with whitening (stains need to be extrinsic to be affected by whitening agents). Plus, you don’t want to choose a product that might be too strong for your teeth or cause discomfort.
  • Don’t overdo it – When you whiten excessively, you can damage your enamel and break down internal structures. Be sure to stick to your dentist’s recommendations, and let go of any unrealistic expectations.

Will bleaching be painful?

For most patients, whitening does not cause discomfort. But if you have sensitive teeth or worn enamel, whitening may cause twinges deep within your teeth. This can be avoided if you undergo fluoride treatment prior to whitening, or use fluoride toothpaste for the few weeks beforehand.

How can I make my whitening results last longer?

Every day, you eat foods, drink beverages, and partake in habits that cause stains to build back up on your teeth. You can combat this by avoiding especially acidic drinks, limiting sauces and drinks dark in color, and using a straw when consuming coffee (this helps prevent the liquid from washing over your teeth).

Why won’t my teeth whiten?

If you have intrinsic staining, that was formed during tooth development and will not whiten. You’ll need to get bonding or porcelain veneers to cover the stains. Conversely, if you already have veneers, crowns, or other dental work on your front teeth, whitening will not change their shade.

Which home whitening kit should I use?

We’ll need to take a look at your teeth before making a specific recommendation, but it’s usually a good idea to go with big-name brands because their products have all undergone extensive testing.

Will natural/DIY whitening methods work?

For the most part, no. These methods may remove external plaque and other sources of stains, but they can also erode your enamel because they’re overly abrasive. If you’re really hoping to whiten (and to do it safely), professional whitening products are the way to go.

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