Don't Believe These Botox Myths

Don't Believe These Botox Myths

Botox myths

Find freedom from frustrating facial lines – without invasive or alarming treatment

If you’ve never tried Botox, you’re probably filled with questions. Along the path to becoming a household name, Botox went through so much speculation in the public eye – and plenty of not-quite-true “facts” about treatment made their way across the Internet and from person to person. Struggling to separate fiction and the real deal? Read on for some of the most-misunderstood aspects of Botox, and prep yourself for your own session.

Top Botox Myths

  • You’ll see results immediately – While you may think you see some changes right away, the way Botox works prevents it from being immediate. The medicine has to take control of muscle movements and gradually tame contractions in the target areas; you’ll see initial changes 3-5 days out, and the full results between 1-2 weeks afterwards.
  • Botox works on every wrinkle – Botox should not and cannot be used across the face, because it’s just not effective on some types of wrinkles. Those caused by volume loss should be treated with other injectables. For lines on the lower half of your face, dermal fillers are a better bet.
  • More active patients need more Botox – Some people say that those who work out a great deal will need more frequent treatments to see wrinkle reduction. This just isn’t true – the depth of your facial lines isn’t dictated by your activity level.
  • Botox is dangerous – Botox is completely safe when it’s administered properly – this is why you should always find a provider with extensive training and experience. But since the protein in Botox is derived from the bacteria that causes botulism, this scares some patients. Don’t worry – the treatment is just the isolated toxin, and it will only affect the target, wrinkle-causing muscles.
  • Botox won’t work on deep facial lines – While it may take more treatment sessions, Botox will soften even heavy forehead lines – it just takes time.
  • Results won’t look natural – Precise, careful treatment will result in wrinkle reduction without facial personality loss. The “frozen” look is not the typical Botox experience – it’s something that happens with abuse of treatments.
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