Get A Simple Smile Makeover

Get A Simple Smile Makeover

Denver cosmetic dentist
Hoping to alter your smile, but hesitant to spend days in the dental chair? You’re not alone. Between dental anxiety, cost concerns, and jam-packed schedules, there are plenty of reasons patients seek quick and simple cosmetic work.
“Quick and simple” doesn’t mean “sloppy and temporary.” When a superb dentist like Dr. Robin Asbury is behind the wheel, you have an opportunity to receive a new smile without making a big commitment. We offer procedures that can be completed within an hour, and will result in dramatic changes to your grin (and your life). Read on get an idea of how this is possible.

Natural-Looking Cosmetic Dentistry

Once upon a time, cosmetic treatment consistently aimed for the same result: a bright white set of perfectly symmetrical, rectangular teeth. This “Hollywood smile” was the universal ideal for years, but times have changed. Today, we’re looking for smiles that still represent us. They’re just free of the minor flaws that keep us from feeling completely confident.
If there are small aspects of your smile that bother you, simple procedures will correct them with ease. The final result will be closer to the ideal, but still represent you. While those around you will notice that you’re looking great, they won’t immediately realize you’ve had dental work done (and isn’t that what we all want?).
Dr. Robin will meet with you to discuss your aesthetic preferences and goals prior to starting any kind of treatment. This will help the final result be in perfect line with what you’ve imagined.

Smile Transformation With Single-Day Treatments

Denver cosmetic dentist
A curing light hardens the bonded material to complete your smile
  • Dental Bonding – Also called composite bonding, this procedure applies new material to your teeth. While composite is used to create fillings that blend with your teeth, it can also be applied for purely aesthetic reasons. The material will be matched to your tooth shade, so that it blends neatly with surrounding teeth. If you want to whiten your front teeth, you can also receive thin layers of composite across the exterior of each tooth. Bonding will fill gaps, change tooth shape, and protect exposed tooth roots. Plus, it’s manageable within a single appointment. Dr. Robin will shape and bond the material chairside, cutting out the step of sending impressions to a dental lab. Bonding is the key to a same-day smile transformation that lasts for years to come.
  • Teeth Whitening – We’ve talked about whitening plenty on this blog, and that’s because we find it offers such a remarkable transformation. In-office whitening will brighten your smile within a single hour, and will help you seize a renewed sense of confidence and comfort in personal interactions. Many patients who think they’re interested in more involved dentistry find that whitening actually gets the job done.
  • Tooth Contouring – Contouring gently reshapes the smile line, or the curve where your upper and lower teeth meet. If certain teeth are overlong or jagged, contouring will smooth things out and put the finishing touches on your smile.

Top Things to Consider Before Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Before getting cosmetic treatment, you’ll need to get in touch with what it is that you want to change. Think about the aspects of your smile that irritate you, and the ones you want to emphasize. Look at others’ smiles to decide which components are ones you would like for your own teeth. Once you’ve had a conversation with Dr. Robin, you’ll have a clear path forward to the results you’ve been waiting for.
Simply contact us to begin the process! We can’t wait to help you unleash the full potential within your grin.

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