Time to Tame Your Gummy Smile

Time to Tame Your Gummy Smile

Denver cosmetic dentistFeeling great about yourself is key to complete happiness. But if your smile isn’t exactly what you’d like it to be, you’re not going to be as confident (or satisfied) as you would be with a perfect grin. The sight of your teeth in a photo or a mirror should kick off a full smile – not make you cover your mouth with your lips of hand.
Patients with gummy smiles spend their lives covering up. Because their smiles reveal more than they would like, they can’t feel comfortable emoting freely. They try to keep their lips closed, and keep their teeth (and, more importantly, their gums) hidden. Is your tooth-to-gum ratio off? With an unbalanced grin, overall aesthetics aren’t quite right.
You don’t have to spend your life keeping your smile from the world. Countless patients experience a gummy smile, and some of those individuals have sought treatment to move to a happier place. Below, we discuss a few popular options for tailoring your gum line and perfecting your smile. You won’t have to keep your big grin to yourself any longer.

Gummy Smile Treatment with Botox

Denver botoxBotox is a flexible medication. First used as a medical treatment, for patients with eyelid spasms, Botox has become a huge player in the aesthetic world. Now popular as a treatment for forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, excessive sweating, and even muscle pain, Botox is a household name with continually broadening potential.
Why is Botox right for so many ailments? Because of the way it affects our muscles. When injected at a treatment site, Botox addresses the neuromuscular junction. This area is where nerves and muscles interact to complete muscle contractions. If the nerves don’t command the muscles, then they won’t respond with movement. Botox interrupts that communication chain to stop nerves from releasing acetylcholine. Without that neurotransmitter present, the muscles will not move.
Repetitive facial movement can cause both discomfort and unwanted lines. This is why intervention with Botox effects big changes. Some patients with gummy smiles find that Botox is the answer to their prayers. An overactive upper lip will pull back further than it should when the individual is smiling or laughing. This reveals too much of the gum line, and upsets the smile’s balance. Botox treatment at the upper lip calms it, and covers a larger portion of the gums (even when smiling).
Don’t worry, your lip will still move – it will simply behave in the way you would like it to. Dr. Asbury will inject the appropriate number of units to effect the right level of change.

Gum Contouring And Your Gum Line

Denver cosmetic dentistDental contouring smoothes the smile line, the curve formed by your upper and lower teeth. But hard tissue isn’t the only part of the smile that can benefit from gentle reshaping. Gum contouring removes tiny portions of gums from the gum line, revealing the strong, healthy tooth beneath.
If your gums are too long, or have grown as a result of periodontal disease, they will cover your teeth and throw off your smile. Removing the excess tissue will help your smile truly shine. During treatment, you’ll receive local anesthesia to numb the area and prevent pain.
Patients are regularly amazed by what a big difference the small contouring tweak makes.

Finding Your Perfect Smile in Denver

Ready to seize the smile you’ve been dreaming of? Metro Smiles is here to help. Get in touch to learn more about gummy smile treatment, or to make any other small changes to the aesthetics of your teeth.

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