Botox vs. Dermal Fillers

Botox vs. Dermal Fillers

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Approaching the realm of cosmetic injections for the first time? We understand if you feel a little overwhelmed – with the number of medications on the market, it’s tough to differentiate. So many treatments make big promises, and sorting through what’s true and what’s exaggeration can make some patients turn away entirely. If you’re frustrated with facial lines, you should have access to treatment options. Learn more about the cosmetic injections available to make an informed decision and achieve the changes you’ve imagined.

Which Facial Lines Would You Like to Tame?

Choosing a cosmetic injection is inherently related to the changes that you’re hoping to make. Different medications tackle different areas of the face. Your skin ages in a variety of ways, and its location determines exactly what causes wrinkles. For this reason, there are two main kinds of cosmetic injections. The first is neuromuscular inhibitors (Botox, Xeomin), which halt muscle movement at the forehead to allow overlying skin to relax. The second is dermal fillers, which supply skin with the hydrating substances that it has lost. We’ll discuss both groups to help you figure out which one is appropriate for your own aesthetic needs.

How Denver Botox Treatment Works

Botox was the first cosmetic injection to rise to fame. It was first developed as a medical aid, not an aesthetic one. Botox carefully employs botulinum toxin, a protein that causes temporary muscle paralysis. In a cosmetic application, this paralysis is actually a welcome thing. When Botox is injected at a forehead muscle, it causes that muscle to take a break from contracting. The Botox jams communication signals between muscles and nerves, so both muscles and nerves are unharmed, they simply can’t communicate.
The result is smoother lines across the upper half of the face. As it’s there that muscle contractions cause wrinkles, it’s there that Botox yields results. Injections may be made across the forehead, between the brows, or at the corners of the eyes. Once the muscles have remained relaxed for a period of time, the lines caused by those muscles will smooth. Botox treatment remains active for anywhere from 3-6 months, depending on the injection site.

When Dermal Fillers Produce Results

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Dermal fillers address a different source of aging: loss of hydrating substances. The one that people are most aware of is collagen. Substances like collagen fill the rounded areas of our faces, adding volume and youthfulness. As time passes, those substances are depleted, leaving behind sagging skin and facial lines. The lower half of the face is particularly susceptible to betraying signs of loss. Laugh lines, lip lines, and hollow cheeks make us look and feel older, and can have a serious impact on our confidence levels.
Fillers supply skin with the very substances that it has lost. Various fillers contain slightly different formulas, and can work in different ways. The most common consist of hyaluronan. This tissue filler spreads out across the injection site, below the skin, boosting facial volume. Depending on your needs, certain dermal fillers may be more appropriate. Some offer thicker medication for deeper lines, while others are more gentle and will create subtler changes. No matter your filler, Dr. Robin will inject it in amounts and at locations that lead to a naturally rejuvenated response in the skin. You’ll look younger without looking unnatural or unlike yourself.
The beauty of cosmetic injections is that they simply enhance your own appearance, rather than changing it entirely. Plus, they’re available in single appointments, but offer lasting results. Hoping to learn more? Get in touch to schedule a consultation.

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