What's the Visual Age of Your Smile?

What's the Visual Age of Your Smile?

Centennial cosmetic dentistHas your smile been looking a little lackluster? It may be showing more than your fair share of aging. While our teeth are covered in protective enamel, that enamel isn’t immune to every external force. Time, physical damage, and gradual wear take a slow toll on your grin.
It can be tough to pinpoint exactly what’s looking older about your smile. And that’s where Metro Smiles comes in. Dr. Robin Asbury and her expert eye will be able to tell exactly what needs gentle rejuvenation. A few simple treatments could take years off of your teeth.
Don’t let your pearly whites age you. With a few changes, you may be able to see big improvements in your appearance.

How Old Do Your Teeth Really Look?

It’s hard to evaluate your teeth objectively. You look at them every day, and become accustomed to the gradual changes that take place. In order to evaluate whether your teeth may be looking older than they should, look for the following signs of age:

  • Stains or yellowing – White teeth are attractive teeth. But time allows staining compounds to build up in the enamel, darkening your entire smile. The discoloration may affect every tooth, or show up in patches.
  • Chips – Small chips can occur on the edges of teeth, giving your smile a jagged, rough look. These chips equate to a visual signifier of all the damage that has taken hold of your smile.
  • Worn enamel – Grinding, acidic beverages, and other damaging forces can erode the enamel on your front teeth. This allows more of the yellow dentin beneath to show through, and also causes tooth sensitivity. Your smile loses height, your teeth look smaller, and the overall look is an aged one.
  • Asymmetry – When your smile isn’t symmetrical, it can look a little off-kilter. You may appear to have missing or crooked teeth.
  • Shifting – Shifting, overlapping teeth make your smile much less visually pleasing.These teeth also appear to have lost width, making them look older.

Gentle Dental Rejuvenation

There are quite a few ways to accentuate the youthful aspects of a smile, and mask the signs of aging.

  • Teeth whitening – Whitening breaks up the stains lodged in your enamel, brightening your entire smile. If you whiten in-office, you’ll see results right away. Many patients are amazed by how many years whitening takes off their grins.
  • Dental bonding – Like whitening, bonding is a same-day treatment. It adheres tooth-colored composite material to the surface of your front teeth. This is a great way to correct chips and discoloration.
  • Dental contouring – Contouring smoothes the smile line (the curve where your upper and lower teeth meet) to improve the symmetry and general aesthetics of your teeth.
  • Porcelain veneers – Veneers add new surfaces to your front teeth, completely hiding the enamel below. This is ideal for highly worn, sensitive teeth.

Younger-Looking Skin, Younger-Looking Self

Centennial cosmetic dentist
Your teeth aren’t the only part of your appearance that dictates your age. In fact, the skin around your smile plays just as big a role. If your teeth are perfect, but surrounded by lined skin, they won’t have the same visual effect.
Metro Smiles offers Botox and dermal fillers to patients seeking greater rejuvenation. These cosmetic injections smooth lines around the eyes, lips, nose, and on the forehead. When paired with cosmetic dental treatment, the final result is impressive but still natural-looking.

Finding The Right Cosmetic Dentist

Ready to learn more about how we can transform and revitalize your smile? Simply get in touch with Metro Smiles. We can’t wait to help you gain a new lease on life.

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