Porcelain Crowns Are Master Builders

Porcelain Crowns Are Master Builders

porcelain crowns Centennial When you damage a tooth, the first thought is just a flood of panic. Once you’ve managed to calm down a little bit, you start to stress about your smile. How on earth are you going to repair the problem, without your smile looking less natural? And how are you going to get through the day without a full, functional smile?
That response shows you just how important your teeth are. We often take the power of our grins for granted. But once a smile is less than ideal, you find yourself covering it up and doing everything possible to hide the offending tooth. This doesn’t have to be your daily experience. With porcelain crowns from our Centennial cosmetic dentist, your smile can be rebuilt – while still looking just like the real thing.

Getting Acquainted with Dental Crowns

There are a few types of dental crowns, appropriate for patients with varying needs. Porcelain crowns are the most aesthetically-oriented option, because they look so similar to natural enamel.
porcelain crowns Centennial
Crowns are the solution in countless situations, whether a tooth has sustained unexpected damage or weathered years of gradual wear. By getting your crown from our Centennial cosmetic dentist, you put yourself in the hands of a talented professional. Dr. Robin Asbury possesses a skill set and visual expertise that allow her to refurbish your smile without making the work appear at all unnatural.

Is It Time for Me to Get Porcelain Crowns in Centennial?

Is your smile bothering you? Is a tooth significantly damaged? Are you trying to repair cracks or chips? If any of these questions heralds a yes, then a crown might be the right path. Start by scheduling a consultation. At this initial appointment, Dr. Robin will evaluate your teeth, discuss possibilities, and decide on the treatment plan that is right for you.

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