5 Ways Invisalign Beats Metal Braces

5 Ways Invisalign Beats Metal Braces

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Trying to figure out the right orthodontic route? If you’re an adult, you’re not alone. Navigating the waters of teeth straightening is never simple, and it’s even more complicated when you’re past the standard adolescent, braces-wearing age. But braces aren’t the only option. Invisalign treatment offers distinct advantages that could make your orthodontic treatment into an experience you actually enjoy.

Invisalign vs. Metal Braces

While Invisalign and metal braces both straighten your teeth, they do so using very different tools. Braces require bonded brackets attached to removable wires. Invisalign uses removable aligners, plastic trays that fit over your teeth. They gradually apply pressure to those teeth, resulting in a straighter smile. This structural difference changes the entire orthodontic process.
When it comes to Invisalign vs. metal braces, there’s no denying the alternative treatment’s strengths.

Ways Alternative Orthodontics Win

  1. More comfortable – The brackets and wires that make up metal braces can tend to poke and prod your cheeks. If a wire comes out of place, it will need to be bent back, and can cause sores within your mouth. Invisalign trays are made of smooth plastic. They are thin and snug-fitting. Once they are in place and you’ve grown accustomed to the feel, you won’t really notice them. You’ll even sleep comfortably!
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    Love popcorn? Invisalign lets you snack as you please
  2. Less noticeable – This is the most obvious difference between Invisalign and metal braces. There’s no metal covering your teeth, with colored bands and criss-crossing wires. Instead, you simply wear clear trays over your teeth. Only those paying the closest attention will notice that you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment at all.
  3. Fewer appointments – When straightening your teeth with braces, you have to visit your orthodontist once a month to receive new wires. It’s these wires that make the straightening take place – as they heat up in your mouth, they return to their usual shape, pulling your teeth along with them. Invisalign aligners gradually change their shape, leading to straightening over time. You’re able to switch to new aligners on your own – no need to visit the office. You will have check-ups about every 6 weeks, at which time Dr. Robin will monitor your progress and make sure everything looks right.
  4. Restriction-free – Invisalign doesn’t make demands on your diet; it lets you eat exactly what you want. Simply pop out your aligners before eating, and enjoy whatever snacks or treats you would like. Just be sure to brush and floss before putting the aligners back into your mouth.
  5. Easy oral hygiene – Patients with metal braces have to strain to reach around their brackets and wires, and it’s trickier to brush and floss effectively. The braces also trap food particles, increasing the chance of decay. Because Invisalign aligners are removable, it’s simple to pop them out and clean your teeth effectively. You won’t have to bother with floss threaders or uncomfortable cleaning – you’ll be able to brush and floss as usual.

When Invisalign Treatment is the Right Choice

Unfortunately, Invisalign isn’t right for every bite. You will need to meet with Dr. Robin to learn whether it’s the appropriate orthodontic treatment for your malocclusion. If your crookedness is mild to moderate, Invisalign could achieve optimal results. Dr. Robin will take your teeth and your jaws into account when deciding on an Invisalign recommendation, and will also consider your personal wishes and needs. Begin the process today by getting in touch with Metro Smiles. You could be seeing a straighter smile in the mirror within the coming year!

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