Dermal Fillers Tackle More Than Just Wrinkles

Dermal Fillers Tackle More Than Just Wrinkles

Centennial dermal fillersIn our last post, we discussed an unexpected use for Botox – taming a gummy smile. That got us thinking about our other cosmetic injection of choice, the dermal filler. Like Botox Cosmetic, dermal fillers do more than just tame facial lines. But many patients aren’t aware of the versatile improvements that this group of medications can accomplish.
This week, we’re appreciating dermal fillers and all that they bring into our patients’ lives. Read on for some intriguing facts about fillers, and get brainstorming about what they could do for you.

Gentle Lip Enhancement (Without Surgery)

Over time, some unwanted changes take hold of our faces. Some of these have a more intense aging effect than others. One that’s universally disliked is loss of lip volume. Without the same full, luscious lips, you look older and less attractive. Flattening lips will also lead to wrinkles above and below the mouth.
Fillers are an ideal option for patients seeking subtle lip enhancement – and hoping to avoid invasive treatment. When you think about plumping your lips, you don’t ever want to look cartoony or unnatural. In order to end up with the gentle results you’re really seeking, you’ll need to do two things: find a talented provider, and ask about dermal fillers. Fillers allow for delicate tweaks to be made to your lips, resulting in a wholly natural-looking plumping.

Fillers for Black Triangles in Your Smile

Centennial dermal fillersOur gums are also prone to losing volume over time. This loss of gum tissue can be sped up by so many different dental problems, ranging from gum disease to bruxism (chronic teeth grinding) to orthodontic treatment.
When your gum tissue recedes, you’re likely to see a change across your smile. Sensitive or dark areas of the tooth roots may be revealed, and the balance of the tooth-gum ratio may be off. Additionally, black triangles can form between your teeth. These dark spaces add unwanted age to your smile, and make the overall grin appear dingy.
You deserve to have your smile stand out for positive reasons – not because it has dark spaces between teeth. With dermal fillers, you can plump the areas of your gums that need a little extra help. Minimal treatment at the gum line will puff out your gums and fill out your smile. The end result is a gorgeous grin.

Improving Recessed or Dehydrated Skin with Dermal Fillers

The reason we lose skin volume is as a side effect of skin damage and dehydration. Without structure-enhancing substances in the facial skin, your appearance loses its internal scaffolding. This leads to sagging skin and fine to deep lines.
Fillers resupply the skin with the hydration that it has gradually lost. This is ideal for both lines caused by sagging skin and other recessed areas, like scars. If your skin has seen damage, you don’t have to give in and put up with it. Fillers could be the solution.

Facial Fillers with our Centennial Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Robin Asbury is an aesthetics expert. She’s aware of what’s right for not only your smile, but also the skin around it. If you’re interested in learning more about the fillers process, schedule a consultation. Dr. Robin will evaluate whether fillers could provide the results that you’re looking for.
If you’re not totally happy with your appearance, we recommend that you pursue your options. And dermal fillers are a simple, low-commitment place to start. Treatment will take no more than one day, and results will last upwards of six months (depending on the treatment site). If you’re curious about making a change, simply get in touch.

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