Dental Implants Offer Unique Tooth Replacement

Dental Implants Offer Unique Tooth Replacement

Denver tooth replacementNo two sets of teeth are the same, and personal preferences vary even further. Shouldn’t everyone be able to replace missing teeth in a way that is best for their unique needs?
With the advances of modern restorative dentistry, a variety of methods are now available to every patient. No matter your mouth, there’s a distinct path forward. And for many of our patients, we find that dental implants are the best choice.
Tooth implants act as tooth root replacements, which are then attached to restorations. While receiving implants requires a more involved procedure than other methods of tooth replacement, the results are well worth the effort. If you’re missing one or more teeth, read on for some of the most remarkable aspects of these implants.

How Do Dental Implants Compare to Other Restorations?

Most dental restorations only address the portion of the tooth above the gum line. They’re used when a tooth has become damaged by decay or physical trauma. Since they’re only replacing the crowns of teeth, these restorations have to attach to sources of support in order to stay in place.
Dental implants are a bit different. They are placed in the jaw bone, where they integrate with the natural osseous tissue. Once a substantial bond has formed, the implant then acts just like a natural tooth root. Any restoration can be attached, and that crown, bridge, or denture will receive remarkable support from the implant.
If you’re concerned about your tooth replacements looking or feeling less than natural, implants are the answer.

Getting Implants Improves Your Quality of Life

Patients missing spans of teeth usually wear partials or full dentures. These restorations must attach to the teeth by means of metal or plastic frameworks, or denture adhesive (if there are no remaining teeth). While these attachments offer a certain level of support, they just can’t compete with natural tooth roots. The dentures can slip or click, feel loose, become uncomfortable, and generally perform inadequately.
Dental implants change everything. Instead of your restorations feeling faulty, they will be anchored firmly in place. If you’ve been putting off tooth replacement out of a reluctance to deal with dentures, implants will make for a significantly different experience. In fact, implants have even been used to improve quality of life for seniors. What’s the path from unhappiness to happiness by means of dental implants? It goes something like this:

  1. You’re missing teeth. Daily activities are difficult and even embarrassing. Your chewing, speaking, and confidence take a toll.
  2. After deciding to replace those missing teeth, you find that bridges or partials aren’t as stable as you would like. Even with these restorations, you still feel like it’s obvious that you don’t have all your natural teeth.
  3. You get dental implants to pair with the restorations. The bridge, partial, or denture remains firmly in place and functions like natural teeth would. You’re able to talk, eat, and emote comfortably without anxiety, giving your entire well-being a boost!

Our Implant Dentist on the Restorative Process

While we would love to provide dental implants to every interested patients, there are some qualifying factors. If you’re interested in treatment, schedule a consultation so that Dr. Robin Asbury may evaluate your oral health. You will need to possess adequate bone density, periodontal health, and whole body health in order to proceed. We will never provide treatment when there’s a chance that implant surgery could put your health at risk.
Ready to begin walking the restorative path? Contact Metro Smiles online, or at (303)768-8443.

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