Can Mouth Guards Reduce Stress?

Can Mouth Guards Reduce Stress?

mouth guards for stress
We’re always looking for ways to feel better and lower anxiety. What if we told you that a mouth guard could actually help you improve your stress levels? For a few different reasons, protecting your teeth when they’re vulnerable will end up helping you feel calmer. And people are starting to take notice – the New York Times just published an article about how mouth guard wear in basketball is on the rise.
These top athletes don’t wear mouth guard just to protect their teeth from blows (although this is a big concern); they wear them to help relax the jaw and focus their energy. Says one player, “Everything is connected, so relaxing your jaw has an overall relaxing effect on your muscles.” Sound like something that could be welcome in your life? You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from mouth guard wear – in fact, wearing one during the night can be just as beneficial. Read on to learn why.

Protecting Yourself from Teeth Grinding

mouth guards for stressChronic teeth grinding, known as bruxism, affects countless adults. We hold a great deal of our stress in our jaws, and when we experience anxiety, we tend to clench our jaw muscles. Problem is, this usually happens when you’re not paying attention / able to recognize it, like when you’re sleeping or concentrating on something.
Long-term grinding will cause enamel wear, discomfort, and potential jaw problems. If you continue bruxing, you could develop a jaw disorder, which causes further stress and aggravates the area even more.
Choosing to wear a mouth guard will protect you from these potential problems, and help ensure that you have truly peaceful nights. If you think that you might be grinding your teeth at night, schedule an appointment. Dr. Robin will be able to spot signs of grinding, and create a custom mouth guard to fit over your teeth.


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